Who is roz?

ROZ is rewriting the book when it comes to genres. Hailing from the greater suburbs of Tulsa, front-woman Rozlyn Zora, started out playing country covers in local dive bars at the young age of 14. She spent those early days filling up journals with cheeky lyrics before backing them with chunky guitar and heavy bass riffs. “It’s all about the story” Zora stated when asked about songwriting; “When you know the story, the song writes itself”. Zora has performed from coast to coast, along with participating in BANDS@NAMM after self producing her Love EP in 2017. Now backed by fellow band mates Michael Vaughan, Alex Henry, Evan Dorio, and Demetri Tsaras, ROZ is creating a new sound.. one in which you’d have to experience to feel. Alternative is getting a new definition, and this is just the beginning.